Carl Orr has performed and recorded with some of the finest musicians on the planet including Billy Cobham, George Duke, Ernie Watts, Randy Brecker, Gary Husband and Bennie Maupin.
He is a regular at London’s legendary Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in his own band and as a member of drummer Mark Fletcher's supergroup "Fletch's Brew”.
Carl has taught guitar at The Australian Institute of Music, Brunel University, Middlesex University, London Centre Of Contemporary Music and The Academy of Contemporary Music.
A prolific composer,Carl has recorded eight albums as a leader and is featured on albums by Billy Cobham, Fletch's Brew, Geoff Eales and Nathan Haines.
His latest album, Forbearance is a dramatic departure from his jazz and fusion recordings of the past and with the aid of producer Tim van der Kuil and arranger Grant Windsor,Carl has crafted a truly unique acoustic guitar-based album exploring pop, rock, folk, Americana, and classical styles.
He regards his music as his public contribution to creating a peaceful, harmonious world.
Carl says “It is not enough for me for my music to merely be a manifestation of the chaos and disharmony of the world, but instead it must be a potent influence on creating peaceful relationships between people. My aim is to make the listener feel calm,optimistic and invigorated”

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Carl's new album FORBEARANCE available now

Jazz Rock guitar master Carl Orr really changes things up on Forbearance and what he gives us is a stunningly beautiful feast for the ears and the heart. Joined by an empathetic group of musicians, Orr may be quieter this time out, but his composing and brilliant guitar playing scream out louder than ever.
Walter Kolosky
John McLaughlin biographer

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Carl Orr is of the mind that his music can help make the world better. That is naïve to some. But those are the people who need to listen more. A musician has to believe in his music. He must also show a faith in a greater purpose, or his music will not be believable to others. Orr reaches out to believers and non-believers alike. He has already done so on past recordings such as Deep Down and Absolute Freedom. On Emergence he does so again. Orr is joined by a group of gifted musicians. Together they put forth a vision of a world that demands peaceful means to peaceful ends. Carl Orr is one of our finest jazz-rock guitarists and composers. The guitar is his weapon for peace and he knows how to wield it. Orr is a true believer. This is demonstrated on profound tunes of protest, warning, hope and peace. The message of his music will make you believe too.

Walter Kolosky
Author of the book Power, Passion and Beauty: The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra and Senior Writer for


"Carl Orr is one of our finest jazz-rock guitarists and composers"

Walter Kolosky
(Author of the book Power, Passion and Beauty: The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra and Senior Writer for

"...a masterful guitarist"...Musician magazine.

"a jazz-rock genius" ...Chrissie Murray , Jazz UK.

Now you can use music from Carl's albums for Film and TV via the Back Music Media website.
Each tune is available as full length, 60 secs,30 secs,15 secs and sting versions and all 5 versions are bought as a bundle.